Wednesday, December 30, 2009

As the year ends...

Various persons and places a are producing their traditional year end lists of top this and thats. Uchiblogo, the University of Chicago Magazine's blog has a feature today called You Read it Here:

In 2009 we tried some new things on our blog UChiBLOGo and kept things interesting in the pages of the Magazine. Some ideas played out more successfully than others. Here are some of 2009's highlights, by the numbers:

Five most popular magazine stories, online

  1. "Chicago Schooled"
    Michael Fitzgerald, AB’86, writes about how the visible hand of the recession has revitalized critics of the Chicago School of Economics.

  2. "Life under wraps" and "Meresamun: A life in layers"
    On display for nine decades, the coffin of a 2,800-year-old Egyptian mummy Meresamun has never been opened. But CT imagery peeled away paint, plaster, and linen to reveal the woman inside...
Meresamun has to be the biggest OI story ever! 44,600 hits on the word in google as of today!

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