Monday, November 17, 2014

Ten years of Open Access Publication at The Oriental Institute

It was ten years ago that a New OI Electronic Publications Policy was announced. It had been approved on October 27, 2004, with a unanimous vote from the faculty of the Oriental Institute, under the direction of Director Gil J. Stein.  The policy was subsequently implemented as The Electronic Publications Initiative of the Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago.

In the space of ten years the policy was implemented with respect to all new and back-list titles. By 2014 the project gathered more than 770 titles, 130,991 files, in 546.08 gigabytes, and listed in:
OIC 26. Publications of the Oriental Institute, 1906-2014: Exploring the History and Civilizations of the Near East. Edited by Thomas G. Urban and Leslie Schramer. 2014.
For an up to date list of all Oriental Institute publications available online you may consult the Ancient World Online's list:

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