Thursday, February 7, 2008

Profiles: Robert John Braidwood

[The initial iteration of this entry includes links to some online resources relating to the life and career of Robert J. Braidwood. Others are encouraged to edit this posting]

Robert John Braidwood, by Patty Jo Watson, in Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society, Vol. 149, No. 2, June 2005.

Robert John Braidwood: July 29, 1907– January 15, 2003, by Patty Jo Watson, in Biographical Memoirs: V.89 (2007), National Academy of Sciences.

LETTERS FROM THE FIELD, 1950-1951: EXCAVATIONS AT JARMO, by Robert J. Braidwood. (This article originally appeared in The Oriental Institute News and Notes, No. 156, Winter 1998, and is made available electronically with the permission of the editor.)

In Memoriam Robert J. & Linda S. Braidwood, by Gil J. Stein 2002-2003 Oriental Institute Annual Report.

The Joint Prehistoric Project

Braidwood, R. J. and Howe, B., with contributions by F. R. Matson, H. E. Wright, Jr., H. Helbaek, and C. A. Reed. Prehistoric Investigations in Iraqi Kurdistan.

Braidwood, L. S.; Braidwood, R. J.; B. Howe, C. A. Reed, and P. J. Watson. Prehistoric Archeology Along the Zagros Flanks.

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