Monday, September 14, 2009

Journal of Assyrian Academic Studies 19/1 (2005) dedicated to Robert D. Biggs

Journal of Assyrian Academic Studies 19/1 (2005) includes a number of articles by or about Robert D. Biggs:

Editorial Board

My Career in Assyriology and Near Eastern Archaeology
Robert D. Biggs

Medicine, Surgery, and Public Health in Ancient Mesopotamia
Robert D. Biggs

Recent Advances in the Study of Assyrian and Babylonian Medicine
Robert D. Biggs

The Theft and Destruction of Iraq’s Ancient Past
Robert D. Biggs

Bob Biggs―An Appreciation

Paula von Bechtolsheim

*This article first appeared in here the Journal of Assyrian Academic Studies 19/1 (2005): 5–27. Another version, including a few minor corrections, appears in print on pages xi - xxxiii of Studies Presented to Robert D. Biggs, June 4, 2004: From the Workshop of the Chicago Assyrian Dictionary, Volume 2, Martha T. Roth, Walter Farber, Matthew W. Stolper and Paula von Bechtolsheim, eds., and is also available here.

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