Sunday, September 6, 2009

Review of a Review of The Human Adventure

In An Insult to Archaeologists and Stamp Collectors Everywhere,

the folks at Archaeopop remember that a "rather dour individual wrote a review for the New York Times of James Henry Breasted's "The Human Adventure" - a short documentary about the excavation and research activities of the University of Chicago's Oriental Institute." Go ahead, click over there and read, it's nice.

And as they point out, you can register (if you're among the few who haven't already done so) and read the actual review of the film which had three showings at Carnegie Hall.

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egyptianscholar said...

What an excellent find! I found the 1936 review rather charming. I'm sure Breasted would have found it decent. I wonder if The Human Adventure is available on video. That would be something to see. Turner Classic Movies has an entry for it--that would be amazing if they featured it on that channel one day!